Women Palante is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit based in the Washington D.C. metro area. We help Latina women across the Americas to become successful entrepreneurs while living a healthy and balanced life. Women and mothers join our community, where they take part in bilingual educational programs and a business incubator where they can start and grow their businesses while centering on their wellness and personal development.

Women Palante believes in a holistic approach to entrepreneurship, encouraging and empowering Latina women and moms with business ideas to pursue their dreams, while building and honing their business acumen as well as achieving key wellness and personal development goals. We also provide a space for women and moms to connect with other like-minded women, in a bilingual and inclusive environment, to learn from and support one another on their respective journeys. We recognize that everyone may be at a different point in their journey, so we aim to offer services that range from introductory courses to improve financial planning and confidence at home all the way through a comprehensive step-by-step program to launch and scale a business.

This will result in the support needed for a woman to flourish into an Integral Entrepreneur in which all the different roles of a women are put on display and most importantly, that women do not lose themselves in their businesses. We want women to be able to connect with “Entrepreneurship is a duty” (Spanish translation of Emprender es deber) meaning that we must empower them in each area of ​​their lives and push them to leave their comfort zone to be able to grow and adapt.


Women Palante’s programs are unique because they are specifically designed to address the needs of Latina women and mothers. The programming is available in Spanish and English, open to applicants with any immigration status, and include wellness, and personal development components for a comprehensive holistic approach.
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