This is Women Palante’s flagship program, a business incubator to teach Latina mothers how to implement business and management tools for the development, consolidation, sustainability and/or growth of their business, while also learning how to take care of themselves and their families. This program is offered exclusively to Latina moms in English or Spanish.

The Mompreneurs program is conducted through several modules of business education training, which includes weekly virtual live sessions. Each module is combined with educational workshops on wellness, addressing a variety of topics related to women’s motherhood and most importantly, the ways in which working mothers can manage their wellness while still taking care of their families and their businesses.

In addition, students will have 6 hours of individual and group support to further refine and develop key components of their project, such as: business costs; design and creation of a business plan and pitch, marketing, and business habits.

Our curriculum is based on a coherent sequence of business, wellness and personal development concepts.

Through Women Palante’s Mompreneurs participating women will gain education, mentorship, guidance, and access to a growing and supportive community. The women will be accompanied through the process of establishing their own businesses and finding capital to support them as they reach for their dreams and for those of their family.

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Gourmetpreneurs is a business incubator for women who have a business idea in food or drink products. A holistic curriculum where the participants not only learn how to create a business but also how to establish healthy eating habits and wellness for themselves and their families with live nutrition and cooking classes helpful for preparing healthy meals at home as well as placing their very best products in the hands of consumers. This program runs in English and Spanish.


Non-Profit Incubator

SOAR is a special edition of our incubation program where we guide start-up nonprofits through a comprehensive set of management areas, instilling best practices and ensuring organizations are ready to achieve sustainable growth. This program is led by NonProfit Village and management for Women Palante to the Latin Community in U.S and Latin America. This program is available in Spanish.