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We work to help women and their families to be their best version.

And you are invited to read the Success stories of some women entrepreneurs who have passed through our programs below.

Success Stories

Read our women entrepreneurs' success stories.

Layla Nader

Layla is from Colombia and has a catering service called Nader Foods in the Washington D.C., Virginia and Maryland area. Edición de texto con enlace

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Elida is originally from Guatemala and now lives in Washington, DC. She completed the Mompreneurs Program in 2019 and the WP Accelerator in 2022. Edición de texto con enlace

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Estella Zambrano

A Colombian entrepreneur mother who has had a business focused on the creation of eucharistic textiles for more than 5 years. She was encouraged to do so by her assigned Women Palante mentor within our Mompreneurs business incubator program. Edición de texto con enlace

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Marlyn Suarez

Marlyn is a Venezuelan mother residing in Maryland who took the course of the series 2021 and after that mompreneurs 2021 to strengthen her business model.

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Ana Gómez (Salvador)

Ana was inspired to perform a breast self-examination where she found a mass in her breast, which is currently in the process of diagnosis and follow-up. Ana emphasizes that thanks to the information provided in the physical health class she was able to start this process on time.  Additionally, Ana applied for a loan with Life Asset to invest in her manicure business idea.

She participated in our Wellness and Personal Finance Series in 2022.

This is her testimony.

Irma Chavez (Mexico)

Irma is a Mexican mother living in the United States with the dream of progressing and finding new opportunities. Irma developed her start-up, a Mexican restaurant where more than selling food, she seeks to share culture, experiences, customs and values about Mexican cuisine. She described the WP programs as a place where she found a family thanks to the accompaniment and support she has received.

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Marisela Zonis (Argentina)

Marisela is an Argentine mother whose goal as an entrepreneur was to enter the U.S. market as a coach.


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Hellen Ugarte (Bolivia)

Helen is a mother from Bolivia, and the owner of Creaciones Kira, a company dedicated to the design and creation of crochet items using a specific technique called amigurumis. She expressed her gratitude in tears during our incubator graduation ceremony in 2021, and reached out to WP to let the team know that when the program started, she was going through the most difficult time of her life.

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Gladys Bombón (Honduras)

One of the most driven participants in all the classes and challenges. She was a role model for her classmates, daily she posted on WhatsApp group chat photos, and motivational messages setting an example. She incorporated yoga into her daily routine.  Gladys brought her daughter to the program so they both were able to learn and share their experiences. As a result, she mentioned that her relationship with her daughter improved as they would take walks together. It was a transgenerational impact.

Yansi Melendez (Salvador)

Yansi participated in the program during her pregnancy and showed her willingness to grow despite feeling shy at first. Although she was not sure about engaging initially, she gave yoga a try and found that the practice was very helpful for her because it eased the tension in her body. We recommended prenatal yoga for her which she incorporated and was able to do at home on her own time. Yansi reported liking the practice and the breathing techniques to help her prepare for birth.

Angela Cruz (Honduras)

Angela lost her job during the time she was participating in the Series and her biggest concern was to losing her insurance, but thanks to the Health Insurance Marketplace class and the guidance she had, Angela was able to find a plan that fit her actual economic situation. She also was able to take the chromosome test for adult Karyotype to prove before the immigration authorities her assigned sex at birth, so she can keep her name, Angela in all of her documentation.

Elisabeth Aranguren (Venezuela)

Elisabeth shares that she came to Montgomery County about 5 years ago and during this time she had not found a space that allowed her to feel part of something, so she felt lonely and unmotivated. But, thanks to the Wellness and Personal Finance Series she found a place where she felt valuable, grateful to learn, improved her independence and dared to go beyond the limits she was used to. 

Yesica Hernandez

Thanks to the community connections Yessica’s husband had a job opportunity with one of our sponsor Soft Stuff.

Mr. Manuel Medrano was helped to apply for the Non-CDL Delivery Driver position.

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