Layla Nader and her wonderful story

Layla is from Colombia and runs Nader Foods, a catering service in Washington, D.C., Virginia, and Maryland. In 2022, she joined the Gourmetpreneurs program with the goal of building her own firm and producing a financial and business strategy.

This initiative inspired Layla and provided her with the opportunity to connect with financial aid and investors. In 2023, Nader Foods, LLC, with the support and advice of Women Palante staff, could apply for a $30,000 grant from Montgomery County.

"Gourmetpreneurs helped me to see what a food business is like in the United States".

what permits you need, what licenses, where you can operate, in what areas—and that was fundamental for me to have everything up to date and also to establish the food business and how I am going to sell those foods in the United States," Layla says of the Gourmetpreneurs program. Women Palante has also helped her to connect with other companies so she can offer them her catering services.

You can follow Layla on her social networks