Hellen Ugarte and her wonderful story

Helen is a mother from Bolivia, and the owner of Creaciones Kira, a company dedicated to the design and creation of crochet items using a specific technique called amigurumis. She expressed her gratitude in tears during our incubator graduation ceremony in 2021, and reached out to WP to let the team know that when the program started, she was going through the most difficult time of her life.

“It helped me a lot since I was able to face my challenges with an action plan and goals that I set for myself to overcome everything. Now I have more time for myself. I delegate the chores in my house since before I did everything by myself and without any rest because I believed that it was my responsibility and my work to take care of the house and also the cooking. I am important, perhaps not always for my family, but I am valuable to me and that is what should matter. Your support is what gave me strength to continue. I started the action plan, but you were my strength. You gave me the courage - thank you. I will never finish thanking you and the program. I felt all the vibes from the first moment”.

This testimony further supports our assessment of the need to put a greater focus on mental health in each of our programs, which is something we strongly believe will positively affect the entrepreneurial and general life goals of our beneficiaries.

Currently, we implement individual interviews one-on-one, before and after the program, with each of the students, so our approach in classes can improve and be tailored to their personal needs.

This is one of the reasons why we need your support. We cannot do it by ourselves, so we encourage you to   to help these women understand how valuable they are.

You can listen more about Helen’s story here: