Irma Chavez and her wonderful story

Irma is a Mexican mother living in the United States with the dream of progressing and finding new opportunities. Irma developed her start-up, a Mexican restaurant where more than selling food, she seeks to share culture, experiences, customs and values about Mexican cuisine. She described the WP programs as a place where she found a family thanks to the accompaniment and support she has received.

According to her, some of the challenges that prevented her from being a full-time entrepreneur were the scant help for small and new businesses, and the lack of self-care.


During her process with us, she was able to quit her job, dedicate herself entirely to her restaurant, and grow both professionally and personally hand in hand with her life coach...

Irma eliminated limiting thoughts, made better use of time, prioritized and changed habits to achieve her goals.


"The likelihood of finding organizations that help entrepreneurs with their businesses and at the same time with self-care is very low. And that is what caught my attention the most when I met Women Palante".