Marlyn Suarez and her wonderful story

Marlyn is a Venezuelan mother residing in Maryland who took the course of the series 2021 and after that mompreneurs 2021 to strengthen her business model. She created a foundation to help immigrant children with their immigration status.

She has fostered interest and relationships with future donors through the presenting tips shared in the course, and was able to identify a currently underserved niche market in the U.S. Women Palante supported her with her business presentation, creating an initial financial plan and her business card. design. As part of the program, she also received The Best Business Canva Award. She gained the confidence to register as a nonprofit in Maryland and was able to apply for a grant with the financial projections and business plan developed with WP. She now shares office space with WP and has gained access to the Nonprofit Village community.

Marlyn says Women Palante is "my right-hand woman who has supported me in creating my nonprofit, providing me with critical pieces such as a financial plan and networking that I didn't have before. In addition, they have helped me with the official requirements to start a business, and especially with time management as an entrepreneur. WP gave me the opportunity to have a safe place, sharing an office with me, and I felt psychologically safe to move forward as I grow my social enterprise. Women Palante is my big sister".

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You can listen the interview in our Podcast here.