This challenge is designed to create a community that will help you take care of your physical and mental well-being, with a series of challenges ranging from at-home exercises to a weekly guided meditation.

Here is the perfect program for you to change your lifestyle, take care of yourself, and develop healthy habits that will make you a successful woman.


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Join us in creating habits that will improve your physical and mental well-being


Discover a 3 - month program designed to help you adopt healthy habits for life.



You will hace a community and daily support through a coach.


You will have a fitness watch where you can track sleep cycles, heart rate, step count, daily calories burned and amount water drunk.


You will get guide lines to develop healthy habits.


Emotional journal (extra).


30 min of weekly guided excercise classes.

The following is a list of the benefits you will receive when you enroll in our program:

Creation of healthy habits

Increased energy

Better sleep

Clearer mind

We will have different yoga and meditation challenges with surprise prizes.


Gladys Bombom

Gladys Bombón (Honduras)

One of the most driven participants in all challenges. She was a role model for her classmates, daily she posted on WhatsApp group chat photos, and motivational messages setting an example. She incorporated yoga into her daily routine. Gladys brought her daughter to the program so they both were able to learn and share their experiences. As a result, she mentioned that her relationship with her daughter improved as they would take walks together. It was a transgenerational impact.
Yensy Melendes

Yansi Melendez (Salvador)

Yansi participated during her pregnancy and showed her willingness to grow despite feeling shy at first. Although she was not sure about engaging initially, she gave yoga a try and found that the practice was very helpful for her because it eased the tension in her body. We recommended prenatal yoga for her which she incorporated and was able to do at home on her own time. Yansi reported liking the practice and the breathing techniques to help her prepare for birth.





Last chance! Class begin on 27 January 2024









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      Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

      1What exactly is the Wellness Challenge?
      The Wellness Challenge is a comprehensive program designed to create healthy habits. In this challenge you will perform exercises, record your hours of sleep and hydration. Includes sessions of coaching, virtual exercises, daily access to a coach, tips, wellness talks, and challenges to make yoga and meditation part of your life as well as yoga and tools to monitor your health.
      2What do I get with my participation in the Challenge?
      You will have a community and daily support through a coach, a fitness watch where you can track sleep cycles, heart rate, step count, daily calories burned and amount of water consumed, guidelines to develop healthy habits, random yoga and meditation challenges, Emotional Journal (extra), 30 min weekly guided exercise classes and a wellness talk once a month.
      3How do virtual workouts work?
      The workouts are conducted live through Zoom, once a week. Our coach will guide you through effective and personalized routines to help you reach your goals of creating a healthy lifestyle.
      4What kind of wellness talks are offered on a monthly basis?
      Life coaching is provided monthly through Zoom group sessions, where we explore topics related to mental wellness, emotional balance and stress management.
      5How will I receive the Smartwatch and tracking tools?
      The Smartwatch will be delivered to the foundation's offices at 15800 Crabbs Branch Way #300, Rockville, MD 20855 prior to the start of the challenge so you can start taking advantage of them from the beginning.and the tracking tools will be sent via email and/or whatsapp.
      6How will the yoga challenges be conducted?
      The yoga challenges will consist of specific routines that you can follow at your leisure, with instructional videos and guides provided. These challenges are designed to improve your flexibility and overall well-being.
      7What information will be included in the sleep cycle and hydration tracking?
      We will use advanced technology to track and analyze your sleep cycle, as well as help you maintain a proper hydration balance. This will provide you with valuable information to optimize your well-being.
      8Can I cancel my participation in the challenge?
      Yes, you can cancel your participation during the first two weeks of the challenge. However, please note that cancellation may be subject to certain policies. See our terms and conditions for details.
      9What happens if I cannot participate in any of the scheduled sessions?
      Don't worry. The recorded sessions will be available for you to review at any time, allowing you to adapt the program to your schedule.
      10How will my progress be tracked during the Challenge?
      We will use customized tracking tools and periodic review sessions to evaluate your progress.
      11Are there any special equipment or skill requirements to join the Challenge?
      The Wellness Challenge is designed to accommodate varying levels of fitness and experience. No special equipment is required, just a willingness to commit to your wellness.
      12What language will the challenge be taught in?
      Entirely in Spanish.
      13What type of modality is the wellness challenge?
      Completely virtual.

      Do you have any question?

      You can contact us.
      Read the cancellation guarantee and program policies here.

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      15800 Crabbs Branch Way #323
      Rockville, MD 20855



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